Adhesions, No's 1-28, (for Aby), 2017.  

This body of work was completed for a project called 28 Day Cycle with Studio 110 Projects to create one artwork a day for the 28 days of February and to post them on Instagram.  I pinned photographs, drawings, collages, photocopies, text and book pages to a black covered board for each day.  These black covered boards reference Aby Warburg’s practice and my ongoing investigation into art histories and the complexities of knowledge and understanding. 

Beyond our art history books and the cultural institutions, images of art objects are now often confronted on our tiny phone screens.  Much is lost in this encounter, especially nuance.  So, I print photographs of the boards at the size of my phone screen and mount them within black mats and frames to emphasize our distancing and need for closer viewing and attempts at understanding.