Laura Boles Faw’s work consists of investigations through sculptural objects, installations, curatorial projects, and collaborative ventures. She examines the ways we prop ourselves up in the world and borrows from art historical references in order to create new meanings and transformative fictions. Boles Faw has recently exhibited in the Bay Area at [ 2nd floor projects ], the Chinese Culture Center’s 41 Ross, Scrawl Center for Drawing, Meridian Gallery, MAX Occupancy, Alter Space Gallery, Kala Art Institute, Royal NoneSuch Gallery, Root Division, and Ever Gold Gallery, and additionally at Ms. Barbers in Los Angeles (solo exhibition), the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, James Madison University in Virginia and Vast Space Projects in Las Vegas (collaborative solo exhibition).  In the fall of 2017, her work was included in the Second (Longli) International New Media Art Season, LongLi, China, as well as in the Contemporary Jewish Museum’s Dorothy Saxe Invitational.

Boles Faw received a BA in Art History from Sewanee and a MFA in Sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute.  She is a Lecturer in the Sculpture Department at SFAI (2012-Present). In addition to her solo practice, she collaborates with LA-based artist Cathy Fairbanks through a discursive set of projects.